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Q. How easy is it to hire clothing?
A. Very easy. Whether you need to hire one item or a whole outfit for a party, photo-shoot or play we can give you any help to find your perfect outfit. Each item has a very reasonable rental price and we hire for a standard 5 days. Your outfit will require a deposit that you can leave in cash but it is much easier for us to pre authorise your credit or debit card. It is all written down and itemised for your information. We can also reserve your clothes for up to a few weeks.

Q. How often do we get in new stock?
A. Most days you will see something new arrive in Beatnik. About once a week we have a large arrival of fresh clothing.

Q. Do we sell online?
A. Not at the moment but watch this space!

Q. Where does all your stuff come from?
A. All over the globe. We source locally, and find other gear that comes from America and Europe. We also sell a few new lines such as harringtons, trousers, band t-shirts and some dresses.

Q. Do we buy items of clothing from people?
A. Yes we do. The items ideally need to be pre 1980's ( the older the better ) and in good condition. We can't guarantee we will buy it but more often than not we will offer a price that reflects how and when we can sell it. We are also interested in costume jewellery and accessories.



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